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Update on DAY2 Program maily for Technical Experts

We have updated the DAY2 Program “Working in Partnership with local communities” witu more details.
Please refer to the DAY2 Program site for more details.

Important imformation added.

Opening Remarks & Welcome Speech “Objectives of the Forum” (Hajimu Yamana, NDF)
Current situation of 1F D&D and preparedness to work with 1F D&D (Akira Ono, TEPCO)

Partnership with local communities
Japan “Able”, Example of local industry development at Fukushima
UK Sellafield “Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster”and match making mechanism “Game Changers” (Ivan Baldwin)
USA Savanna River “Human Resources Development with local community” (Kevin W. Whitt)
Japan JR West Example of partnership in other industry

Decommissioning projects in Japan and other countries
UK Sellafield “Dismantling of PFCS (Pile Fuel Cladding Silo)” (Derek Carlisle)
Licensing experience of PFCS and local relationship (Mina Golshan)
USA Hanford “Sludge removal at K=Basin” (Monica Regalbuto)
France Marcoule “Decommissioning operation at Marcoule” (Christine Georges)